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/ Medical Recommendations / What If I have Afrin/oxymetazoline rebound concerns?

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What If I have Afrin/oxymetazoline rebound concerns?

Updated Thu, Jan 04, 2024

While some Super Spray formulas contain oxymetazoline (the active ingredient in Afrin) to treat congestion, it is always at a micro-dose - a significantly lower concentration than OTC Afrin sold in stores. Therefore, the risk of rebound congestion and other side effects is significantly reduced and Super Spray can be used up to twice daily for as long as you need.

It has been studied and shown that, at this tiny of a dosage, oxymetazoline should not cause rebound congestion, even with twice daily use long-term. In addition, the micro-dose of oxymetazoline is combined with anti-inflammatory ingredients in the same bottle, which has also been studied and shown to drastically reduce the risk of rebound congestion.

Please see our Science section for more information and to read the associated studies.