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Founder's story

When Dr. Bocian first started practicing as an allergist at Stanford over 30 years ago, he was shocked to learn how many of his patients weren’t experiencing relief from their allergy medications. He dug into the research and found that single ingredient allergy meds just weren't cutting it.

As a scientist, he began combining different FDA-approved medications, each targeting a different symptom, into one single nasal spray bottle.

To his delight, his patients starting to experience significantly better relief.

When his daughter, Shani, realized how much the rest of the world needed his approach to treatment, she founded Allermi with her dad so that every allergy sufferer can get the relief they deserve.

Get immediate and long-term symptom relief with our nasal spray kit

Salinity Spray

A moisturizing saline nasal mist to help hydrate and soothe your nasal passages so Super Spray can work its magic.

Super Spray

A super-powered nasal spray that combines up to four active ingredients into one bottle, customized for you for daily relief.

Why Use An Allermi Nasal Spray?


We combine fast-acting & slow-acting ingredients, so you can start feeling relief within a few minutes and also get better over time with daily use.


We custom-combine up to 4 active ingredients into your formula. It’s simple, convenient — and the ingredients work better together.

It's better Medicine

Medication sprayed directly into your nose stays local, with little exposure to the rest of your body, compared with oral medications. This is a safer approach to treating nasal symptoms and limits side effects.

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What active ingredients do we use?


Nasal anti-cholinergics treat runny nose by reducing the amount of mucus or watery discharge produced in the nasal passages. When this medication is sprayed into the nose, it works to prevent the glands in the nose from producing excess fluid.


Nasal anti-congestion medications offer fast-acting relief from congestion, helping the nasal passages open so that other medications can work more effectively. Anti-congestion meds work very quickly, so you may feel relief in as soon as 10-15 minutes. Prolonged use of commercially available, nasal anti-congestion medications have been associated with the potential for rebound nasal congestion. In Super Spray, we offer the lowest percentage of anti-congestion on the market, so that you get the relief while reducing the risk of rebound nasal congestion.


Nasal anti-histamine helps relieve nasal allergic responses by blocking the release of histamine, which occurs when the immune system is exposed to an allergen such as pollen, dust mite, mold or pet dander. Nasal anti-histamine helps relieve nasal itching and sneezing, and can also help relieve itchy eyes. Nasal antihistamine works very quickly, so you may feel relief as soon as 10-15 minutes. Compared with oral-anti-histamine pills, nasal anti-histamine leads to significantly greater improvement of nasal allergy symptoms.


Nasal anti-inflammatories work by decreasing the activity of inflammatory cells and allergic signals in the nose. Nasal anti-inflammatory sprays are the most effective medications for controlling allergic nasal symptoms, including nasal congestion. Nasal anti-inflammatories work over the long-term, where the full beneficial effects of the medication take place after several days to a few weeks of use.


Comprehensive allergy care delivered to your door

Stop wasting time and money on allergy meds that don't work. No more waiting months to visit an allergist. With Allermi, you get a custom formula in a single nasal spray and access to our top-tier allergists, all from the convenience of home.

What's Included:

📝 Free allergist consultation ($25 value)

🔬 Super Spray: a custom nasal spray formulated with up to 4 active ingredients for your specific symptoms

🌊 Salinity Spray: a moisturizing saline nasal mist to help hydrate and soothe your nasal passages

👨🏻‍⚕️ Access to our medical team to ensure optimal relief