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Revolutionary Treatment Supported by Science

Our allergists have spent years combining medications for their patients - because they understand that custom, combination treatment works better than fixed-dose, single-medication treatment.

The result:
real, long-lasting relief.

Let The Data Speak For Itself

independent, peer-reviewed scientific publications that support the use of our active ingredients and approach

randomized, controlled studies that support the superior effectiveness of using a multi-ingredient spray over a single-ingredient spray

See The Data

90% of my patients over the last 25 years have experienced full or nearly full symptom relief within two weeks. Nearly all of them had previously tried other treatments and many suffered chronically with severe symptoms. Combination therapy works extremely well in my experience.

– Dr. Robert Bocian, MD, PhD, FAAAAI, Professor of Allergy and Immunology at Stanford University

The Allergy Culprit

Our environment is filled with triggers: pollens, grasses, weeds, dust, molds, pet dander, pollution. We are constantly under attack by tiny particles in the air that enter the body through the nose, causing a concentration of intense symptoms.

Before Allermi,

we depended on single-ingredient allergy relief from the drugstore

Oral antihistamines

Oral decongestants

Single ingredient nasal sprays

Meet Allermi

Target all your nasal allergy symptoms in one simple spray

The Bottom Line

Our allergy team selects all the medications you need and combines them at the right percentages based on your individual profile. What's better than one simple spray with everything you need? ONE THAT IS ADJUSTABLE, BASED ON HOW YOU RESPOND.

Now that's (r)evolutionary.

Your solution - all in one bottle





Precise & adaptable

Our team of allergists identified the 4 different components of allergy symptoms and found the right medications to treat each one, then combined them into one formula.

They took it further by making these formulas custom, adjusting the ingredients and percentages of each to meet each patient’s unique symptom profile and severity.

Allermi's approach is scientifically validated

It has several advantages over standard treatments, including:

Multiple FDA-approved, clinically-proven ingredients that work in different ways to combat different symptoms

Custom prescribing, so you get a flexible and tailored dose of medication based on your symptoms, severity and medical history

Fast-acting and slow-acting ingredients in one spray, unlike other single-ingredient treatments that can take weeks or longer for you to notice a difference