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/ Medical Recommendations / How can I relieve my itchy eyes from allergies?

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How can I relieve my itchy eyes from allergies?

Updated Thu, Jan 04, 2024

Your Allermi nasal spray formula contains the maximum dose of antihistamine, so it should help address itchy eyes, given that the tubes of the eyes and nose are connected. However, sometimes during a severe allergy season, the eyes need direct treatment with an eye drop, especially if they're already prone to itching. 

We recommend Pataday Extra Strength (0.7%) eye drops at a dosage of one drop per eye, once daily. On particularly severe days, you can increase to twice-daily. 

It has been a helpful step for our patients to rinse the eyes while open with cool/cold water before using the eye drops.

In addition, on particularly severe days, you can add a long-acting, non-drowsy oral antihistamine. We recommend fexofenadine (generic Allegra), 180-mg tablet, 1-2x daily. 

Continued use of your Allermi Super Spray should continue to help improve your eye symptoms over time as your nasal inflammation reduces. Please be sure you are being consistent with your twice daily dosage.