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Get Started with Allermi

Updated Thu, Jan 04, 2024

What's included in your Custom Rx Nasal Spray Kit


Sniff up several mists per nostril before using your Super Spray, then gently blow your nose. 


Use one spray per nostril, every morning and night.

Super Spray Guide

Shake your Super Spray well before each use. If it's a new bottle, you'll need to prime it first: pump it 2-3 times until a fine mist appears.

02 Always take nasal sprays looking down in the nose-to-toes position, with your head pointed down.

03 While in the nose-to-toes position, insert the nozzle straight into your nostril, as deep as comfortable. Don't angle it in either direction. 

04 Press down on the pump for a short, quick spray, releasing immediately.

05 Begin sniffing up with rapid, short sniffs for 15 seconds, keeping the nose-to-toes position the whole time. Repeat for the other nostril. Don't lift your head up until you're fully done.

06 When you've finished, wipe off the nozzle with a tissue, and replace the cap.


Note: Bothered by a bitter taste? About 10% of people are sensitive to the taste of azelastine. The first step is to ensure you’re taking your nasal spray correctly to prevent any medicine from dripping down the throat. If you’re doing everything right and the taste is still bothering you, we will change your formula to remove the bitter ingredient.