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/ Medical Questions / What’s the deal with oxymetazoline?

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What’s the deal with oxymetazoline?

Updated Thu, Jan 04, 2024

When you see oxymetazoline in your formula, don't be alarmed! Oxymetazoline is a highly effective and safe decongestant medication, found at a high dosage (0.05%) in products like Afrin or Sinex.

Afrin (and any OTC product containing oxymetazoline) has a 3-day limit on use and is only meant to be used for a very short-term (3 days) for colds, the flu or a brief allergy attack - otherwise there is a risk of rebound congestion, i.e., congestion that worsens immediately or shortly after using.

Afrin was never intended to be used daily, long-term, but in today's day & age, millions of people suffer from chronic congestion and need relief.

With Allermi, we figured out a way to treat congestion safely and effectively: 

1. We reduce the dosage of oxymetazoline down to a micro-dose:

At the very low dosage of oxymetazoline we use, congestion is still effectively relieved, while the risk of rebound congestion is significantly reduced. 

How does the math work? Afrin contains 0.05% oxymetazoline with a .3ml spray volume per spray. Allermi contains anywhere from 0.003125-0.0125% oxymetazoline with a .1ml spray volume per spray. This means that Allermi contains 1/12th-1/48th the dosage of oxymetazoline in Afrin per spray.

(Furthermore, Allermi is prescribed at a dosage of 1 spray per nostril whereas the Afrin bottle recommends up to 3 sprays per nostril!)

2. We always combine the micro-dose of oxymetazoline with anti-inflammatory triamcinolone: 

Combining oxymetazoline with anti-inflammatory corticosteroid has been proven to prevent rebound congestion from ever occurring. It's also been proven to reverse pre-existing rebound congestion from long-term Afrin use!

You should not experience rebound congestion with Super Spray and your congestion relief should last 12-24 hours. Please note that it can take several weeks for Super Spray to reach full efficacy, especially if you are transitioning to Allermi from regular Afrin use.