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/ Medical Questions / What’s the deal with Oxymetazoline?

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What’s the deal with Oxymetazoline?

Updated Thu, Jan 04, 2024

When you see oxymetazoline in your formula, don't be alarmed! Oxymetazoline is a highly effective decongestant medication found at a high dosage in Afrin. Afrin has a 3-day limit on use and are meant to be used very short-term (3 days) for colds or flu, otherwise there is a risk of rebound congestion, i.e., congestion that worsens immediately or shortly after using. 

At Allermi, we use a significantly lower dosage (less than 1/10th!) of Oxymetazoline than Afrin. At the low dosage we use, the risk of rebound congestion is significantly reduced. In addition, when Oxymetazoline is combined with anti-inflammatory medication in Super Spray, the risk of rebound is even further reduced, making it safe for daily use.You should not experience rebound congestion with Super Spray and your congestion relief should last 12-24 hours. Please note that it can take several weeks for Super Spray to reach full efficacy, especially if you've taken a lot of Afrin.