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Post-Nasal Drip / Sticky Mucus in Throat Technique

Updated Sat, Jan 06, 2024

1. Really push the Salinity Spray. Saline helps to break up mucus and help it drain more easily. So, before each time you take your Super Spray dosage in the morning and at night, please do this:

  • Insert the Salinity Spray nozzle as deep as comfortable
  • Leaning over the sink, sniff up 5 sprays of Salinity Spray in each nostril
  • Then gently blow your nose
  • Repeat this saline-then-nose-blowing cycle several times
  • Then use Super Spray

2. Sleep on an incline using bed risers to elevate just the head of your bed or a wedge pillow. Both of these items are available online. (We don't advise using pillows to prop you up instead, as this can worse symptoms - you want a gradual, smooth incline). This helps nighttime post-nasal drip drain more easily. 

Here are a few examples from Amazon (not in affiliation with Allermi), ad there are dozens more options online: 

3. Sip hot beverages such as tea throughout the day and before bedtime to thin out nasal mucus in the throat. 

4. Give Super Spray more time. Super Spray takes several weeks of consistent, twice-daily use to reach its peak efficacy. Please stay diligent with your twice-daily Super Spray use for several more weeks. If you are not experiencing sufficient improvement by then, please let us know and we can adjust your formula before your refill processes.