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/ Troubleshooting / Nasal Irritation, Dryness or Bleeding

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Nasal Irritation, Dryness or Bleeding

Updated Thu, Jan 04, 2024

Tip #1: Use Salinity Spray before Super Spray, as well as throughout the day to keep nasal passages hydrated. Moisturized nasal passages are happy ones. Using Salinity Spray before Super Spray will help keep your nose moist and prevent irritation and bleeding.

Tip #2: Use Salinity Spray 10-15 minutes after using Super Spray as well as throughout the day.

Tip #3: Apply an ointment such as Cerave ointment, AYR nasal gel or Vaseline directly to the nasal passages after using Salinity Spray and after a warm shower.  Apply a pea-size amount to a Q-tip and gently swab to the inside of your nose. You can do this before using Super Spray too.