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Having trouble with your nasal spray or have questions about your experience with it? Check out all the answers here.


Persistent Symptoms

If your symptoms are persisting, please send a message to your allergist at It may be that you need an adjustment to your...

What should I do if I experience vision changes?

If you notice sudden changes in vision, we advise that you visit an eye doctor for an in-person examination to supplement your care, as some nasal...


Taking a new nasal spray can sometimes cause sneeze, especially in an inflamed & sensitive nose. Tip #1: If you sneeze immediately after takin...


Tip #1: Be very diligent about taking your Super Spray in the “nose-to-toes” position. Tip #2: Your cough may be due to a reactive airway. If this...

Nausea / Stomach Upset

This is a very rare side effect.   Tip #1: Take Super Spray only on a full stomach to relieve any nausea.  Tip #2: Be very diligent about taking y...

Drowsiness / Fatigue

This is a rare side effect. Avoid taking your Super Spray in the morning and instead take it once per day, at night. If you are still particularly ...

How do I avoid tasting a bitter taste?

About 10% of people are sensitive to the taste of azelastine. The first step is to ensure you’re taking your nasal spray correctly to prevent any ...

Throat Irritation / Phlegm in Throat

Tip #1: Rinsing the nasal passages out with Salinity Spray can help prevent throat irritation and phlegm. Tip #2: Use Salinity Spray before your S...

Nasal Irritation, Dryness or Bleeding

Tip #1: Use Salinity Spray before Super Spray, as well as throughout the day to keep nasal passages hydrated. Moisturized nasal passages are happy...