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Allergy 101

Why Does My Nose Get Congested From Allergies?

If you have allergies, nature is, unfortunately, not your friend. The pollen from trees, grasses, and weeds or indoor allergens like furry pets or dust can cause the inside of your nose to become s...

How Can I Prevent Nasal and Eye Allergy Symptoms?

According to Dr. Peng, “sometimes the first, easy way to tackle your allergies may be simple changes at home that don’t involve medicines or breaking the bank. For instance, if you keep your window...

What Is Rhinitis?

What is rhinitis? Rhinitis, also known as hay fever or nasal allergies, occurs when your immune system reacts to things in your environment, called allergens. Common symptoms include: runny &a...

Does One Set of Allergies Make It More Likely For Me (Or My Child) To Have Another?

Yes - this is known as the allergic march. The allergic march is the stepwise progression of one allergic disease leading to another, often starting early in life. Multiple studies and experimental...