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5 Reasons Why Allermi's Custom Allergy Spray is Essential for Those with Allergies This Season✨

Allermi's custom allergy spray is your secret weapon to conquering the most intense allergy season ever (this year!). Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all solutions that leave you sneezing and itching. Our team of top allergists (Harvard doctors) has meticulously crafted a personalized and effective, solution to zap those pesky allergies away. Here are 5 reasons why Allermi's custom allergy spray is perfect for everyone with allergies:

1. One Word. Relief.

Allermi's personalized allergy spray, boasting a remarkable 94% satisfaction rate, helps you combat pesky allergens with a quick, refreshing spritz, turning the tables on your allergies and making relief a breeze! Over 90% of patients experience superior relief compared to their previous medications. Embrace a sneeze-free life.

Josh S.

"A Homerun. Allermi has been a homerun. I have been using it nonstop and have had no symptoms. It also seems gentler on my nose than some of the other allergy sprays I have used."

2. Personalized & Customized For You.

This allergy spray is like having a tailor-made superhero, designed specifically to combat your unique allergen archenemies. Allermi formulates using up to 4 active ingredients and adjusts the dosage based on your symptoms and severity. With a customized formula crafted just for you, it swoops in to save the day, letting you enjoy your outdoor adventures without the sniffles.

Carly R.

"I Slept Through The Night. I was actually able to measure improvement in my sleep quality using my sleep monitor. I've been chronically congested since I was a kid and this is a life-changer.

3. Convenient and Easy To Use.

Pocket-sized and all-in-one, Allermi's allergy spray is your trusty sidekick, always ready for action. Combining relief from multiple allergens in a single bottle, there's no need to use or carry various sprays and medications throughout the day. With just a spritz or two, you can conquer allergens anytime, anywhere, and get back to enjoying life's adventures

Maya E.

"So Grateful. We're very grateful for Allermi -seasonal allergies 100% fixed. Seriously before the nasal spray, no amount of Zyrtec + Benadryl was working. Now we're set with just one spray per nostril."

4. Safe and Healthy.

Allermi's allergy spray is like the brainchild of a superhero dream team, developed by top-notch doctors from Harvard and Stanford to ensure your safety and well-being. With such an all-star alliance on your side, you can confidently tackle allergies knowing you're backed by the best in the biz!

Ji S.

"It Is So Amazing... It is so AMAZING and life changing that I recommended the spray to 2 of my friends who also have chronic allergies and congestion. I used to take Zyrtec daily and I’ve not taken a single once since I received my spray. 10/10 I recommend."

5. People Absolutely Love Allermi.

But don't believe us. Believe the THOUSANDS of 5 Star reviews and glowing reviews in USA Today, Digital Journal, Axios, and more.



Stop wasting time and money on allergy meds that don't work. No more waiting weeks or months to book an allergist. Get a custom formula in a single nasal spray and access to our top-tier allergists from the convenience of home.


📝 Free online allergist consultation ($25 value)

🔬 Super Spray: a custom prescription nasal spray formulated with up to 4 active ingredients for your specific symptoms

🌊 Salinity Spray: a moisturizing saline nasal mist to help hydrate and soothe your nasal passages

👨🏻‍⚕️ Unlimited access to our medical team to ensure optimal relief