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What is rhinitis?

Rhinitis, also known as hay fever or nasal allergies, occurs when your immune system reacts to things in your environment, called allergens. Common symptoms include:

  • runny & stuffy nose
  • itchy & watery eyes
  • sneezing

This can lead to feeling tired, headaches, facial pressure and pain, as well mouth-breathing and problems sleeping. The most common triggers are pollen from trees/grasses/weeds, dust mites, and pet dander.

Treatments: While allergy medications by mouth help relieve itchiness, they are often not very effective and do not make the inflammation better. We believe that the most effective treatment is a prescription nasal spray that combines two to three powerful ingredients to target congestion and inflammation, followed by a hydrating nasal mist to target dryness and irritation. 

The nasal sprays are not only thought to be more effective, they are mainly absorbed by the nose and not by the whole body, so you need to take less medication (compared to a  swallowed pill or liquid).