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[MSA Review] Allermi vs. Flonase vs. Afrin: Which Finally Provided Allergy Relief?

[MSA Review] Allermi vs. Flonase vs. Afrin: Which Finally Provided Allergy Relief?

Written by:
Christen Russo
Christen Russo

Ever since I can remember, hay fever has been a constant, unwelcome companion. I've tried every remedy available: decongestants, antihistamines, nasal sprays, allergy shots... Yet, despite this pharmacy-worth of treatments, my allergy symptoms persisted.

This year, I decided to experiment with a novel approach—Allermi, a personalized compounded medication.

In the past, my typical arsenal consisted of nasal sprays like Flonase and Afrin, coupled with various tablets—an combo I've affectionately dubbed my 'Hay Fever Cocktail'.

To explore a potentially better solution, I decided to test three nasal sprays on their own: Allermi, Afrin, and Flonase. My goal was to discover the most effective option for allergy relief. Who emerged victorious in a three-way comparison of these solutions? Continue reading to discover:

If You Need More Than 1 Active Ingredient… Allermi

If your experience is anything like mine, you're probably trying a mix of treatments, like my Hay Fever Cocktail, and doing a considerable amount of trial-and-error. What sets Allermi apart is its multi-pronged approach—it contains not just one, but four active ingredients:

  • Antihistamine for sneezing and itchiness
  • Decongestant to tackle a stuffy nose
  • Anticholinergic to curb a runny nose and post-nasal drip
  • Anti-inflammatory to combat inflammation

    Flonase and Afrin, on the other hand, each contain just one active ingredient: fluticasone and oxymetazoline respectively. Flonase is an anti-inflammatory designed to keep your nose comfortable and not red (bye bye Rudolph), while Afrin is a decongestant designed to clear all that gunk out. While great for their intended purposes, they just don’t do everything the way Allermi does.

    If You Need a Customized Solution… Allermi

    Allermi’s 4 active ingredients aren’t “set in stone” the way Flonase and Afrin’s are. In other words, you can’t really “adjust” the dosage of Flonase or Afrin.

    Allermi’s active ingredients, on the other hand, are selected and dosed by an Allermi doctor based on your specific symptoms, severity, and medical history. What's more, if you're not achieving the desired relief, Allermi can reformulate your spray based on your feedback, ensuring a truly personalized treatment. No more tinkering around like a pharmacist formulating your personal Hay Fever Cocktail- just leave it to the doctors!

    If You Are Looking for Fast Results… Allermi and Afrin

    By fast, I really mean fast-acting! I know my medical lingo...

    Afrin’s main ingredient is fast-acting, providing quick relief, and Allermi includes fast-acting ingredients too. On the other hand, Flonase requires a few days to show effects.

    Be careful with Afrin though! Its recommended usage is only for a few days to avoid "rebound congestion". Overuse of Afrin could result in worsening nasal congestion and sometimes create a risky dependency on the medication.

    Allermi is formulated to limit this rebound congestion risk, providing safe use indefinitely!

    If You Want Your Allergies to Go Away & Stay Away…Allermi

    Like I said above, Allermi and Afrin can provide quick relief, but of those, only Allermi has slow-acting ingredients as well. Allermi is the only one that does it all, with its combination of fast-and-slow-acting ingredients. So you should see results within 10 minutes, and then with daily use, you’ll find there’s no wearing-off effect. Over 90% of Allermi users notice they’re fully or nearly symptom-free within two weeks; for me, it was sooner.

    If You Are Looking for the Best Bang for Your Buck… Allermi

    Allermi costs $35 per month with auto-refills, which is comparably priced to Flonase and Afrin.

    The huge difference here, however, is that I don’t have to buy additional tablets anymore for my Hay Fever Cocktail. I used to have to buy Zyrtec and Benadryl but now Allermi covers all the bases. If this kind of thing existed back in 2010, I’d probably have saved THOUSANDS of dollars by now.

    PLUS, you get direct access and messaging capabilities to top allergists (just like you were visiting a doctor’s office without the copay) and the option to reformulate your spray if needed, so you’re guaranteed to get something that works for you. Allermi is currently waiving its $25 initial consultation fee and follow-ups are always free.

    Allermi Has Me Back to Enjoying Life

    My experience with Allermi has truly changed my life. I started experiencing relief from my symptoms within minutes of trying my customized Allermi nasal spray, and with daily use, I haven’t had any issues since. I did not think this prescription would eradicate my sneezing, itchy throat, and watery eyes immediately and for the foreseeable future, but it did.

    I tried Allermi, Afrin, and Flonase. There’s one medicine that’s addressing my symptoms head-on rather than just masking them—and, no surprise, it’s Allermi.

    You can find the original blog posting here: My Subscription Addiction